Ben WrightI have been designing independently in Boulder Colorado since 1992. Prior to that, I spent many years in fine art training and production art departments. My creative background comes out of fine art and a great appreciation of visual symbolism as a language outside of words.

I am regularly providing printers and publications with professionally prepared digital artwork files. My goal is to serve YOU, the client, and you will discover that working with a graphic designer can, in fact, be a pleasant and rewarding experience.

I pride myself in being able to create nearly any visual style presented to me. It is my versatility and knowledge of the visual media industry that allows me to accommodate virtually any design request.

Much of my business is based upon word of mouth, and referrals, for I feel that my work speaks much louder than any words I could convey here.

Working with me offers you the security of knowing that your materials are in the hands of a professional.

I respond in a timely manner to all requests. For those situations where the materials must be completed that day, I am pleased to make the extra effort to accomplish the task at hand.

I look forward to working with you!